SSI Dive Control Specialist

SSI Dive Control Specialist, or DiveCon, is our initial dive leadership level and is considered by many as the"fun" leadership rating. It's fun and satisfying because you can do more than any other entry-level dive leader.

As a Dive Control Specialist you can:

Work on dive boats, at resorts and retail stores, and take people diving
Lead dive trips and tours
Assist SSI Instructors in the pool and open water
Teach skills in the pool under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor
Teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program
Teach the SSI Snorkeling program
Teach selected SSI Specialty courses
Teach selected First Aid and CPR programs

You can do more because you receive both dive master and assistant instructor training in the Dive Control Specialist course. With other agencies these components are separate courses. You will study advanced physics, physiology and decompression theory. You'll practice advanced rescue techniques, fine-tune your diving skills and learn the basics of teaching. Plus, there's a high demand for SSI Dive Control Specialists at retail shops and exotic resorts.

Dive Control Specialist Course Details

Before applying to the DiveCon Training program, candidates must meet the following:

have an Advanced Open Water Diver certification
have a Diver Stress and Rescue certification
have logged 40 or more dives
have personal scuba diving equipment
be at least 18 years old
have a current medical exam for diving signed by a physician

By the end of the program, candidates must have current training in CPR and First Aid and logged 60 dives or more.

Training Program
The DiveCon Training program consists of about 70 hours of classroom theory, practice teaching presentations, observations, water work in pool and open water and examinations.

Program Materials
The program requires a variety of SSI diver and instructor manuals, videos, dive tables, DiveLogs and study guides.

After Graduation
Upon graduation, SSI DiveCons are authorized to conduct the Scuba Skills Update, Try Scuba (pool only) and Snorkeling courses. They can also assist with Open Water Diver courses and lead certified divers on dive tours.
They can also attend the SSI Open Water instructor course.

Active Status
To maintain active status, DiveCons must be affiliated with an SSI Dealer and have current insurance.

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