SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Make the jump from training divers to training Dive Leaders. In doing so, you become a key player in the success of your dive facility and meet one requirement of becoming a Master Instructor.
Dive Control Specialists contribute significantly to the success of a dive business because they can assist in so many ways (see Dive Control Specialist page). In addition, DiveCons create a ready pool of candidates for Instructor programs. The Dive Control Specialist course can be rewarding, fun and profitable to teach.

DiveCon Specialist Instructor Course Details

Before applying to the DiveCon Instructor Training program, candidates must meet the following:

have an active SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor rating or equivalent
have logged at least 24 dives in the last 12 months
have personal scuba diving equipment
be at least 18 years old
have a current medical exam for diving signed by a physician

To receive their DCSI rating, candidates must have a minimum of 30 SSI certifications and current training in CPR and First Aid.

Training Program
The program consists of a seminar covering SSI Training Standards, training procedures, materials, skills sessions, classroom sessions and course administration.

Program Materials
The program requires the DCSI and DiveCon manuals, videos and the Dive Control Specialist Training Record.

After Graduation
Upon graduation, SSI DCSIs can train Dive Control Specialists.

Active Status
To maintain active status, DCSIs must be affiliated with an SSI Dealer and have current insurance.

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