Specialty Instructor & Advanced Open Water Instructor

Specialty Instructor
Teaching specialty courses is a perfect way to continue growing as an SSI Instructor. Specialty courses offer variety and are convenient and easy to learn. Also, you get to teach the activities you love most!
Instructors may qualify to teach specialty courses by attending one of SSI's seminars, co-teaching with an Advanced Open Water Instructor or by documenting significant experience. Instructors must also purchase the course teaching materials for the particular specialty they wish to teach. And when an Instructor is qualified to teach four or more specialties, they earn the Advanced Open Water Instructor rating.

SSI Specialty Courses:

Boat Diving
Computer Diving
Deep Diving
Diver Stress and Rescue
Dry Suit Diving
Enriched Air Nitrox
Equipment Techniques
Night and Limited-Visibility Diving
Search and Recovery
Underwater Photography
Waves, Tides and Currents
Wreck Diving

Advanced Open Water Instructor

Course Details

Before applying, candidates must have an SSI Open Water Instructor rating or equivalent.

To receive their AOWI rating, candidates must have experience or training in at least four SSI Specialty courses.

Training Program
The program consists of three options for instructor training.

Co-teaching: Instructors may co-teach with an already-qualified, active AOWI to learn to teach specialties.
Seminar: Instructors may attend a seminar conducted by an active Instructor Trainer, Evaluator or Certifier.
Application: Instructors who can document extensive experience in four specialty areas may apply to become an AOWI.

Program Materials
The program requires a minimum of four SSI diver and instructor specialty manuals, videos and the Teaching Continuing Education study guide.

After Graduation
Upon graduation, SSI AOWIs are authorized to conduct the four SSI Specialty courses which they are qualified to teach.

Active Status
To maintain active status, AOWIs must be affiliated with an SSI Dealer and have current insurance.

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